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Soundproofing Help for Party Walls

Loud noise is always a problem that can be heard through floors of flats and houses and is always more of a problem when there is no background noise to help mask it within your own home.  However, normal everyday noises such as normal speech, normal television/radio volumes should not be heard and the current regulations for noise control through separating walls have been introduced to stop this.


If you are experiencing any of the above noise problems, we can offer sound insulating materials that will offer a solution.  Before remedial procedures are undertaken, it needs to be determined what type of noise is being experienced.  Is it airborne or impact?  Airborne noise is the type emitted by speech or music.  Impact noise is as it suggests, noise created by footfalls, doors closing and so on.  Impact noise is usually structural borne sound which is transmitted along walls or floors whereas airborne sound actually penetrates these dividing structures.


Soundproofing Solution

The easiest and best method of sound insulating a party wall is to use our Acousticel M20AD which is a recycled product designed specifically to give a good level of sound reduction through any wall with the minimum increase in wall thickness.  M20AD is more effective when applied to single skin walls such as brick, lightweight blocks or stud partitions because these all allow unacceptable levels of noise through them.  M20AD insulation is easily cut and is simply bonded to the wall with our adhesive with two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard bonded on top.  If high density Soundblock plasterboard is used, the sound reduction will be further enhanced.  A link to more detailed application instructions can be found on our M20AD page.  This solution will significantly improve the sound insulation of any wall and if properly applied, should insulate the wall against normal every day sounds such as speech and television noise.  Loud noise and low frequency noise are always the most difficult to insulate against and are usually impossible to eradicate completely, particularly at night.  However, using our sound insulation, these noises will be reduced in intensity.  Independent testing showed our M20AD solution will normally bring the insulation value of a single skin masonry wall from approx 45dB up to 56dB.  This is a staggering 11dB reduction in noise transmitted directly through the wall!

Other Solutions

A more traditional method of sound proofing party walls is to install timber studs approx 12mm away from the existing wall, infill with Acoustic Mineral Wool and clad with two layers of plasterboard.  This method is not as efficient as the M20AD solution and takes up much more space.  However, if the space can be lost, the effectiveness of the stud system can be improved by installing our Resilient Bars between the plasterboard and stud.  Further improvements can be gained if our SBM5 Soundproofing Mat is sandwiched between the two layers of plasterboard.  This system works better for lower frequencies if it is possible to lose the space it requires.


M20AD party wall soundproofing

Acousticel M20AD


Acousticel M20AD is designed to reduce airborne noise through walls.  Particularly effective on lightweight walls such as single skin masonry or stud partitions.  M20AD is easy to install and cut when necessary with a jigsaw.  No specialist knowledge is required and every order is supplied with full application instructions which can also be printed off from this web site.  A thinner 10mm thick version of this material is also used as an isolation strip for studwork.  Call us for more details.

acoustic mineral wool

Acoustic Mineral Wool


Acoustic Mineral Wool is a non-flammable product designed to a density to give maximum sound absorption.  This product is essential for application into stud wall partitions and between the joists in timber suspended floors.  Available in a variety of thicknesses, Acoustic Mineral Wool enhances the sound insulating performance of any structure in which it is installed.
Resilient Bar soundproofing decoupler

Resilient Bars


Resilient Bars provide a flexible link between plasterboard and the substrate to which it is applied.  Resilient Bars are most useful when installed onto timber stud prior to the plasterboard, which is screwed to the bars and also beneath timber joists to improve the sound insulation of separating ceilings.

SBM5 soundproofing mat for stud walls

Soundproofing Mat SBM5

SBM5 Soundproofing Mat is perhaps the most versatile product within our range.  This mineral loaded product has a high mass for minimum thickness which is equal to that of lead.  SBM5 can be used to substantially enhance the sound insulation qualities of plasterboard when sandwiched between two layers.  This 'deadsheet' is an excellent anti-drumming material and is also used improve the sound insulation factor of separating floors.


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