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       For effective reduction of reverberated airborne noise

       Acoustic lining for machinery enclosures

       Available as non-flammable Class 0

       Self-adhesive for ease of application

    Easy to cut and install

     Gives effective noise control

    Significantly reduces airborne noise

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sound absorbing foam



Soundproofing foam materials control airborne noise by reducing the reflection of sound from boundary surfaces thus reducing the overall noise levels.   Also useful for complying with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations  The complete range of our acoustic sound absorbing foam materials include the following:

(a) Acoustic Foam - a range of sheet foams produced to two different flame retardent specifications.

(b) Film Faced Absorbers - a range of oil and waterproof acoustic foam absorbers

(c) Trim Foam - an acoustic foam provided with decorative perforated vinyl facing in grey

All supplied self-adhesive if required

sound absorbing foam

Acoustic Foam  SA12, SA25, SA12SA, SA25SA


Applications for Acoustic Soundproofing Foam is found in a wide variety of noise control treatments such as machinery enclosures, plant machinery and cabs, office equipment and domestic appliances. Acoustic foam is normally employed as an internal lining to machinery guards or enclosures.  Also available with a tough polyurethane film face to protect from dust and fluid contaminants. 


General Description

The absorption element of Acoustic Foam is provided by a special grade of polyurethane foam produced to an exacting structural specification.

non-flammable sound absorbing foam

Fire Retardent Acoustic Foam  SA12(FR), SA12(FR)SA, SA25(FR), SA25(FR)SA


Fire Retardent Acoustic Foam is totally non-flammable. It can be used in the same way as ordinary acoustic foam but is far more versatile. It is of particular use in heating and ventilation ducts, machinery guards and enclosures and even buildings. It also offers good thermal insulation and has the advantage over other types of insulation of not losing dust or fibre particles.


General Description

Fire retardent Acoustic Foam is based on a remarkable cellular bi-elastomer which is incapable of supporting combustion and will protect other materials from a wide range of dangerous ignition sources. The material is soft, pliant and resilient therefore making it easy to fit, but hardwearing when in place.

Sprayable Contact Adhesive

To stick any of the above that is not already self-adhesive, we can supply a range of sprayable adhesives.  The adhesives are suitable for internal and external use giving excellent adhesion.

Sta-Put aerosol contact adhesive


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Soundproofing foams are used to insulate a wide variety of machinery.  When installed on the inside surfaces of protective guards or cabinets our acoustic foam will absorb the noise given off by the machinery and so reduce the overall noise levels experienced in the surrounding areas.  Soundproofing foam is available in several thicknesses designed to absorb most frequencies associated with machinery noise.  Acoustic foam is available in two main flammability ratings.  The usual one which is used in most motor vehicles including boats is a self-extinguishing variety but for installations requiring a greater degree of fire resistance we can offer a class 'O' non-flammable sound absorbing foam.

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