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Sound Barrier Mats


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Sound Barrier Mats

High density mats used for soundproofing

SBM5 soundproofing mat

       1.2m x 1.8m x 2mm sheets

       Simple DIY installation

       Produced with natural fillers

       Decouple layers of plasterboard

       Easy soundproofing for floors


Our Monolayer Soundproofing Mat has excellent sound insulating qualities due to its high mass.  

This sound barrier mat can be used to soundproof floors by installing it in layers. 

The more layers that are installed the better the soundproofing of the floor becomes. 

Due to its high mass content, this sound barrier mat can also be used to decouple layers of Acoustic Plasterboard

when soundproofing walls and ceilings.  It can be used as a sole sound barrier layer on steel sheet, or as part of a

multilayer composite with other materials such as sound absorbing foam and carpet. Normally fixed to

original panels of metal, wood and plastics etc. this mat is particularly effective at improving the sound insulation

value of lightweight structures.  Particularly useful for overlaying timber floors to seal joints and other gaps. 

Also useful for complying with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations

General Description

The Barrier Mat consists of a high density mineral loaded thermoplastic polymer plasticised with phthalate esters. 

Because this product is produced from recycled PVC type constituents, a smell is sometimes evident. 

Although not harmful any smell would not be welcome in the home so it is advised the final layer of the product is

sealed with polythene before finishing to encapsulate any smells. 

If no smell is evident then polythene will not be necessary.


Spaced Layer Sound Barrier Mats SAPT220


SAPT220 Spaced Layer Sound Barrier Mats employ self-extinguishing components and are primarily intended for the improvement of the sound insulation of sheet metal that resonates above 350Hz. These Barrier Mats are particularly useful for acoustically insulating pipes including internal waste pipes, ducts, vehicle bulkheads, hoppers and machinery enclosures.

General Description

This Barrier Mat resembles the monolayer barrier mat except that one side has a layer of sound absorbing acoustic foam.  This product also has a scratch resistant and fluid and smell resistant coating on the barrier side.

A PVC tape can be used to seal joints if required.  See Price List for details




Roll size nom. 3m x 1.25m x 12mm

Sandwich Laminate Sound Barriers 



These composites are specifically designed to reduce noise pollution from enclosed areas where a high degree of sound proofing is required combined with resistance to wear and tear. Faced with a tough, wear resistant polyurethane skin that is oil and water resistant protecting the insulation which is able to give superior noise reduction for diesel engines or hydraulic power packs without the problem of liquid or dust contaminating the product.


Marine engine compartments, hydraulic power pack enclosures, compressor housings, plant machinery and many more. The insulation is simply glued into position on the inside walls using any suitable contact adhesive. However, if the product is to be inverted, due to the heavy weight of the insulation, it is recommended the product should also be secured with additional mechanical fixings.






Sheet size nom. 1200mm x 900m x 32mm

General Description

A sandwich construction comprising both a 6mm and 25mm thickness of specially formulated sound absorbing foam sandwiching a loaded polymeric sound barrier. The thicker layer of foam is protected by a thin, very tough polyurethane skin. Because the lead barrier is more flexible and does not have a memory, this product is particularly suitable for application onto curved surfaces.


Sprayable Contact Adhesive

To stick any of the above with a foam base, we can supply Sta-Put, a sprayable glue which bonds most of our products.  The adhesive is suitable for internal and external use giving excellent adhesion

spray adhesive aerosol adhesive contact adhesive

Can size 500ml

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