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Installation Guide for Photosorption Sound Absorbing Photographs

Photosorption  sound absorbing photographs are simply bonded to the walls with our special aerosol contact adhesive.

The panels and adhesive must be kept and stored inside at normal room temperature at all times and fully acclimatised in the area they are to be installed for at least 24 hours before fixing.  To avoid soiling the sound absorbers, cotton gloves should be worn when handling them.

The substrate must be clean, flat, dry and free from oil, dust and grease or any other residue that could affect the bonding of the Photosorption panels.

The adhesive comes in ready to use aerosol container with an adjustable nozzle.  It adheres immediately upon contact and both surfaces should be sprayed with the adhesive using the widest spray pattern before bonding together.   Pressure must be applied evenly over the panel upon contact; care must also be taken not to damage the face of the panel by pushing too hard.

Every effort is made to ensure the information given here is accurate and reliable but is to be used only as guidance.  As each application can be different, users are advised to conduct their own tests to confirm suitability.  As our policy is one of continuous development and improvement, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.






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