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Wallsorption Acoustic Panels for Walls



Installation (Please print-off or download for future reference)

Use a spirit level to align all horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Drill oversized holes in UPVC female trim larger than the screw shank but smaller than the screw head.  Use the V line in the trim as a guide and screw fix at maximum of 400mm centres.

 Wallsorption installation details

A.  Screw fix UPVC female perimeter trim to top, bottom and end of walls if cut edges will be exposed.

B.  Cut panels to size.  Position individual WALLSORPTION panels to fit between the female perimeter trims.  Ensure that the visible panel butt joints are tight and straight.

C.  Remove panels away from wall and apply a broad bead of our adhesive on the wall to coincide with the perimeter edge of the rear of the panels about half way down the panel height.  Carefully replace panels in their original positions taking care to position them in their correct places as once the adhesive has set they cannot be readjusted.

D.  Push fit the top perimeter trims into the female trim ensuring all trims are fully pushed home and correctly located.


Wallsorption installation details


If panelling is to run into the corners of a   room, the neatest method is as shown above.  Because no panel run has more than cut edge at each end, these will be hidden by the edge of  an uncut panel.  

WALLSORPTION acoustic wall panels are easily cut with a sharp kitchen or craft knife.  UPVC trims can be cut with either a fine toothed fret saw or hacksaw.

WALLSORPTION acoustic wall panels should be stored in a completely dry and room temperature environment.  They are designed for installation under standard occupancy conditions from 10-25oC and not more than 60% RH in an enclosed building.

Fabric coverings can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and vacuumed or brushed periodically.

The contractor shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance of all conditions and project suitability prior to installation of the wall panels.




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