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    Sta-Put Aerosol Contact Adhesive           


This special Sprayable Contact Adhesive is a contact adhesive specifically developed for sticking our range of soundproofing products to a wide variety of surfaces with no adverse effect.  It has a high solids content and is water and heat resistant with permanent flexibility.

This adhesive is also useful for bonding a wide variety of soundproofing products including our acoustic foam and M20AD wall insulation.  It is particularly good to work with due to its low solvent content which does not leave strong fumes lingering after use.


Shake can well before use (especially in cold conditions)  Best results are obtained when working in an ambient temperature of 70oF/21oC with surfaces to be bonded properly conditioned.  Ensure all surfaces are thoroughly clean and free from moisture, dirt, dust and grease or any other materials that could affect the bond.  For vertical or horizontal patterns, turn tip in spray nozzle clockwise to adjust the spray pattern.  Hold spraycan 6 to 8 inches from the surface and apply in even coats, making sure the adhesive 'webs' across the surface.  Do not hold closer than 6 inches or 'wet' the surface.  It is important the adhesive 'webs' across the surface and 80 - 100% coverage is achieved.  One surface should be sprayed vertically and the other horizontally.  Do not concentrate in one spot or allow the adhesive to 'puddle'.  Double coating applications are recommended on porous surfaces (after the first coat has dried, apply a second coat evenly on top).  Allow adhesive to tack (approx 1 minute) unless working at normal room temperatures and it is not too warm then bond together with a firm pressure over the entire area.  Tack time can vary depending on climate conditions.  It is important that maximum uniform pressure is applied to over the entire area bonded to achieve maximum bond strength.  Although the adhesive is low odour, it is advised to still use the Contact Adhesive in well ventilated conditions.


Offers good bond strength

Heat resistant up to 250oF/121oC

Low odour

Water resistant

Adjustable nozzle

Reduced application time

Other information

Can size

15oz (426 grams)  





Spray Pattern


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