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SoundBlocker Quilt

Technical Information


SoundBlocker Quilt Test Data

Environmental Information

SoundBlocker Quilt+ is compressed packaged soundproofing material that is ideal for installation without the ''itchiness'' that mineral wool gives. Being a recycled product, the quilt contains 60% British wool, 30% recycled polyester and 10% polyester binder with a high-recycled content.

Because the rolls of quilt are compressed, it reduces the environmental impact of transportation by about 50% which is far more efficient than transporting alternative, bulkier forms of mineral wool type sound insulation. Once unpacked, it regains its original thickness to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Like all sheep’s wool products, it is longlasting, safe to handle and contributes to a healthier indoor environment by regulating moisture and absorbing harmful airborne substances in the home.


• Thermal Conductivity: 0.039 Wm-1K-1
• Density of wool: 20 kgm3
• Density of Barrier layer: 2kg/m2
• Mould Resistance - CUAP 2002-01-25: Pass
• Moth/Beetle Proofing - ISO 3998: Pass
• Ignition Point: >500oC
• Spread of Fire to BS 5803-4: Pass
• Thickness: 50mm (tolerance +/- 5mm)
• Roll Size: 600mm and 1200mm

Thermal Resistance Km2W
50mm 1.41

• EN 11654:1997: Aa 1.00, Class A @ 100mm
• EN 11654:1997: Aa 0.75, Class B @ 55mm


We offer a comprehensive support to meet all your technical requirements including:

• Technical help line 01993704810
• On-site and off-site support throughout the design and build process
• Advice on meeting current regulations including Building Regulations Part E
• Advice on environmental impact
• Application guidance notes, comprehensive product data and reports


SoundBlocker Quilt+ is not a harmful product and can be installed without gloves or protective clothing, although a dust mask may be required if working in enclosed spaces such as lofts. The quilt can be used in conjunction with a vapour permeable underlay if required to retain the benefits of water vapour absorption and release.  Protect the soundproofing from prolonged exposure to sunlight when unpacked and avoid wetting for extended periods, store under cover and clear of the ground.

SoundBlocker Quilt+ can be cut using a straight edge and a Stanley knife. For more accurate cutting, tightly compress or clamp the insulation beneath a solid piece of timber.


• Widths – nom. 600mm and 1200mm mm
• Roll Length – nom. 6m



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