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Resilient Bars


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Resilient Bars for Soundproofing Ceilings and Walls

Designed to substantially improve the sound insulation of existing walls and ceilings where it is impractical to use other forms of soundproofing. This Resilient Bar decoupling system is used with plasterboard and acoustic mineral wool and is particularly effective when applied to stud walls and ceilings.


Resilient Bar system to soundproof separating floors and walls

       Suitable for stud walls and ceilings

       Easy to cut and install

       Extremely lightweight

       Helps meet Part E

       Part E compliant

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Resilient Bar decoupling as part of any soundproofing upgrade for walls and ceilings is essential to help bring separating timber suspended floors into compliance with Part E of the building regulations for noise control through converted and new build separating floors in flats.  Used in connection with other sound insulating materials, the bars will create an effective resilient break between the bottom of the existing joists and the ceiling.  If not fitted directly beneath the floor joists, Sound Reducing Resilient Bars can be supported by 50mm square battens screwed to the underside of any existing ceiling. (See installation instructions available from the address below for more specific details). Plasterboard is then screwed to the corrugated section of the bar and for best results, two layers totalling 30mm thickness should be installed. Alternatively, two layers of either 12.5mm or 15mm high density acopustic plasterboard can be used.  A greater sound insulation improvement can be gained if Acoustic Mineral Wool (AMW50) is installed between the battens before fixing the plasterboard.  This inexpensive soundproofing system is easy to install and can be undertaken by anyone with a little DIY experience or a local builder.




When installed beneath an existing ceiling with AMW50 and 30mm of plasterboard applied, improvements in both airborne noise and impact sound would normally be well in excess of 300%  This can be further enhanced if our SBM5 Soundproofing Mat is sandwiched between the plasterboard layers.

Fire resistance of 1 hour would be achieved with 30mm of plasterboard or 25mm of Sound Block applied.

Resilient Bars can also be used to upgrade the soundproofing performance of stud wall partitions.


Technical Data:


Overall thickness

Steel gauge








Key Benefits
Easy to use and install
Highly effective sound loss


Cost effective

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