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Pumps are often noisy because they are sitting directly on a base with no anti-vibration insulation between.  This allows the easy transmission of noise throughout the fabric of the building enabling the pump noise to be heard almost anywhere in the building.  Installation of our 10mm thick M10AD anti-vibration mat between the bottom of the pump and the base on which it sits will absorb much of the vibration based noise often experienced.  This can be further enhanced if a patio slab is placed on top of the M10AD and another layer of M10AD glued to the top of the slab with the pump attached to a layer of MDF which in turn is glued on top of the M10AD.  Particularly effective when applied to domestic shower pumps.

Airborne noise may also be a factor to be addressed and for this we recommend the pump is enclosed within a sound insulated box.  18mm or thicker MDF  is good for this and can be lined on the inside with our SA25FF/B/6 Sound blocking Barrier and foam laminate.  (See illustration below)  This insulation is nominally 32mm thick so the box will have to be of a suitable size to accommodate this.  A larger enclosure will give more effective noise reduction.

pump noise soundproofing

If ventilation of the pump is required, a simple baffle system should be adopted as indicated below.

Simple acoustic baffle for soundproofed enclosure

Finally, both inlet and outlet pipes from the pump should be flexibly connected.

NOTE! The M20AD referred to in the drawings has now been replaced with a thinner, more efficient 10mm product


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