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Photosorption Sound Absorbers


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Photosorption Sound Absorbing Photographs

Sound absorbing panels with a photograph of your choice

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       Wide choice of photos

       Use your own images

       Easy installation

       Variety of sizes

       Fire resistant



Reduction of sound reverberation is important in large open plan areas such as restaurants, conference rooms and shopping malls.  To address this problem, we have now introduced a sound absorbing panel that can have a photograph or image of your choice printed upon it.  These sound absorbing photographs when mounted on a wall, effectively absorb noise at that point and efficiently reduce the 'bounce back' of the sound.  This is particularly effective in areas where a large amount of noise is generated and affected by the surrounding hard surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings.



By adding acoustic absorbers to the walls of a room, reflected noise is reduced thereby damping the echo effect and so making it easier to communicate.  It is important to use effective sound absorbing panels for this which will also fit in with the aesthetics of the room or building and Photosorption sound absorbing panels will help achieve this.

sound absorbing photograph panels

Photosorption sound absorbing photographs have been specifically created to fill this requirement and cleverly disguise our normal acoustic sound absorbing panels as artwork.  This creative solution to successfully reduce echo and reverberation is a great success for areas where aesthetics is of high priority.  The sound absorbing panels can be printed with any photograph of your own as long as it is of high enough picture quality.  If you supply us with a high resolution image of your logo, or a picture of your choice, we can print this onto a sound absorbing panel which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in your own reception area or office.  The main criteria to make this possible is to supply us with a photograph or image with a minimum of 360 DPI which can normally be supplied to us on a cd.  Pictures of this quality are normally taken on film.

The facing of each sound absorbing photograph is 100% polyester.  This is used for its acoustic transparency and high digital printing quality

Any design or photo selected must be of a high resolution and must be at least 360 DPI otherwise the quality of the printed image will be adversely affected.  Alternatively, select an image from our own photogallery.

The image is wrapped around the edge of each panel and fixed to the back to create a neat finish so it is best if an image is chosen that has plenty of space around the edges because this is what will be on the side of each panel.  Alternatively, choose an image which will look acceptable when wrapped around the edges.



Photosorption sound absorbing panels have a very efficient, highly absorptive inner core of semi rigid acoustic mineral wool.  Combined with the digitally printed acoustically transparent polyester covering, the panel presents a very attractive sound absorber that will aesthetically and acoustically enhance restaurants, museums, galleries, libraries, conference rooms, offices, dining rooms, cinemas, music venues, shopping malls, airports, banks, classrooms, reception areas, retail environments and many others.



They are easily bonded to a wall using our special aerosol contact adhesive that makes installation very easy.  Full details on how to install these panels can be obtained by referring to our fixing guide.







      Sound absorbing core

      Polyester covering



high density fire retardant EPS

nom. 3kg/m2


:  Class '0'

:  Meets requirements of BS5867:Part 2:1980 Type B performance

Acoustic performance   


Photosorption Typical Absorption Coefficients

Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Absorption 0.10 0.37 0.76 0.97 1.04 1.05 0.78

Other Data 

Any good quality image can be digitally printed onto Photosorption sound absorbing panels as long as they have a minimum 360 DPI.  This means that most images taken from a digital camera will not be suitable.  Due to the large file sizes these images will have, they must be submitted to us on a CD.  Photographs of this quality are normally taken on film and have to be scanned at a very high resolution to achieve the required DPI. 


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