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If modern domestic houses and flats are built using the correct materials, party walls should be insulated against normal noise nuisance from noisy neighbours next door.  However, loud noise produced from stereo systems etc. will always be heard and is more of a nuisance at night when other daytime background noises have ceased.  The intensity of loud noise, although cannot be eliminated, can be reduced to a more acceptable level by using our Acousticel M20AD recycled rubber soundproofing for walls.  This sound insulation is used by construction companies to upgrade existing party walls to comply with the current Building Regulations for noise and is ideal for upgrading poorly soundproofed party walls.   M20AD is easy to install and can be undertaken by most competent DIY people.  It is simply glued to the party wall with a further two layers of high density plasterboard glued on top.  Our M20AD page gives more information and application instructions.


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