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Echosorption Fitting Instructions


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Installation Guide for Echosorption Plus using our Special Mastic/Adhesive


Echosorption Plus acoustic tiles are simply bonded to walls and ceilings with our special Silicone Mastic or Contact Adhesive.

The tiles and adhesive must be kept and stored inside at normal room temperature at all times and fully acclimatised in the area they are to be installed for at least 24 hours before fixing.  To avoid soiling the diffusers, cotton gloves should be worn when handling them.

The substrate must be clean, flat, dry and free from oil, dust and grease or any other residue that could affect the bonding of the tiles.

The special contact adhesive is supplied in one litre cans and is best applied with a glue comb spreader onto both the ceiling surface and back of the tiles.  It is important the entire back surface of the tile is coated with adhesive along with the corresponding place to where the panel is to be bonded.  Allow the adhesive to dry until tacky, usually about 10-15 minutes then press the panel firmly against the previously coated surface.  In normal room temperatures, an immediate bond is obtained when sticking the panel so it is important to align the product correctly before pushing the panel into place.  It is important the adhesive has reached the correct stage of tackiness before applying a tile.  If a tile is applied too soon the bond may fail and if it applied too late, the adhesive may be too dry to affect a bond.

Coverage is approximately three panels per one litre can. 

If the silicone adhesive is being used, it should be applied with the aid of a mastic gun and spread over the entire back of the tile with a glue comb or spreader.  It is important the entire back surface of the panel is coated with adhesive before bonding the tile to the surface it is to be applied.  An immediate bond is obtained when the tile is applied but pressure must be applied evenly over the panel upon contact.  Care must also be taken to not to damage the face of the tile by pushing too hard.  If any adjustment is required, this may still be possible up to two minutes after applying the tile.

Coverage is normally one cartridge per tile.

The adhesives normally take about 24 hours to cure to full bond strength but are strong enough to hold the tiles after a couple of minutes of pressure.  Whichever adhesive is used, it is recommended that a test adhesion is carried out on a tile to check that a good bond can be obtained before proceeding with a full installation.  Tools can be cleaned with an adhesive cleaner or white spirit after use.

Every effort is made to ensure the information given here is accurate and reliable but is to be used only as guidance.  As each application can be different, users are advised to conduct their own tests to confirm suitability.  As our policy is one of continuous development and improvement, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.



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