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ECHOSORPTION sound absorbing acoustic tiles


are extremely lightweight sound proofing panels that provide a very high sound absorption performance.  Echosorption acoustic tiles are particularly effective at reducing reverberated noise in schools, public buildings and conference rooms as well as stairways and other common areas within flats to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements.

Echosorption sound absorbing tiles installed onto classroom ceiling


       Sound Absorbing Panels for

                ceilings and walls



At only 30mm thick, these Class 0 non-flammable sound insulating tiles are ideal for fitting to ceilings with minimum loss of height.  Their ease of application and durability make them a popular choice for schools, offices, sports halls, music studios. lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, interview rooms, shooting ranges and wide range of alternative areas where reverberated sound loss is required.



Echosorption sound absorbing tiles installed onto classroom ceiling


Legislation has now been introduced to control noise and reverberated sound in schools and other public buildings as described in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) as Part E of the Building Regulations.

The Approved Document E also contains guidance on the installation of sound absorbing insulation to common areas of buildings such as found in flats.  The easiest way to comply with these new requirements is to fit a Class C performance sound absorber on the ceilings of these areas.  The requirement is to fit a Class C sound absorber to cover an area of not less than 50% of the ceiling area in the common area of all floors including stairways.


ECHOSORPTION acoustic tiles are a high quality sound absorber designed for ceilings and wall surfaces.  The panels are made up with a non woven structured surface bonded to a sound absorbing non-flammable melamine foam laminated to an aluminium foil backing.  If jointing is required, a 'T' joint trim is made from white PVC and can be used to finish off joints where necessary.

The high sound absorbing efficiency of Echosorption is due to the membrane oscillation effect of the product.  It is resistant to mild damage and is relatively easy to clean.  Our special Silicone Adhesive is effective for bonding the product to practically any surface.


  • Environmentally friendly - free of mineral

          fibres, halogens and CFC's

  • Minimum loss of headroom

  • Durable surface

  • Non-flammable Class 0 rated

  • Easy and speedy installation

  • Easily spray painted


echosorption sound absorbing performance graph




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