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Problems with noise in the home?  Noisy neighbours?  Then purchase this simple soundproofing guide which describes how to reduce noise

through floors, walls and ceilings with the right type of soundproofing materials.


NEW!! NEW!! NEW!! 


Now, for 10 you can obtain a copy of this unique publication giving solutions to some of the most common noise

problems encountered in the home.  This booklet is published in easy to understand format and gives invaluable

information on determining the best insulation for particular noise problems.  See below for details on how to order. 


A domestic guide to noise control


Current Price 10 or $20 US for overseas customers

including delivery.

Make cheque payable to:  

Bicester Buildings Ltd

and send with your order to:

Bicester Products Ltd.

Unit 7, Crawley Mill,

Dry Lane,


OX29 9TJ 

United Kingdom.


soundproofing guide

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