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Artsorption Sound Absorbing Panels


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Artsorption - Paintable Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Sound absorbing paintable wall panels

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paintable sound absorbing acoustic panel

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paintable sound absorbing acoustic panel Applications

ARTSORPTION  is an innovative sound absorbing acoustic panel for walls that can be painted by the customer to present a decorative sound absorbing panel.    These high specification sound absorbing pictures are developed to extensively transform open plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments by helping to reduce reverberation (echo).  They are the decorative sound absorption solution to your sound control requirements and are durable, fire resistant, visually pleasing and their sound absorbing qualities offer excellent acoustic performance.

ARTSORPTION acoustic  wall covering is  finished in high quality acoustically porous fabric, that can easily be painted with your company logo, abstract designs, products or a more ambitious scene such as a landscape.

Painting can be with ordinary   emulsion or a more efficient   acoustically transparent paint and   the panels can easily be fixed to a   wall using our special adhesive

General Physical Data

paintable sound absorbing acoustic panel

Dimensions - Artsorption

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Weight - Artsorption  : nom. 3kg/m2
Finish : Durable Woven Glass fibre
Fire Rating
Acoustic Glass Fibre Core : Class 'O' BS476
Woven Fabric : Class 'O' BS476
Acoustic Performance : NRC approx. 0.7 when painted otherwise similar to our Wallsorption

  Key Benefits

Aesthetically pleasing
Easily paintable by customer to include a picture of your choice
Simple to fit
Excellent acoustic performance

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