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Resilient Insulation system to soundproof separating floors

Roll of R10

       Produced from recycled rubber

       Easy to cut and install

       Produced from natural products

       5m x 1m x 10mm rolls

       Part E compliant

An efficient recycled rubber soundproofing for floors solution designed to improve the

soundproofing of separating floors in flats.  This R10 system will help bring separting floors into

compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations and is the best, environmentally

method to soundproof a floor. 



R10 soundproofing is a recycled rubber, acoustic underlay for floating floors engineered to reduce impact

noise through all types of separating floor.  Independently tested, this resilient sound insulation is the popular choice

for all flat conversions and has been proved to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements as

detailed in the Part E Building Regulations.  This acoustic insulation is also ideal for soundproofing a floor in existing flats,

homes and a wide variety of other domestic uses and should be used along with our QuietBoard to create an

independent floating floor to maximise the soundproofing of any floor.



Soundproofed timber suspended floor

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Incorporating the latest changes to the Approved Document E 2003, the minimum and maximum airborne noise and impact sound insulation requirement for separating floors are as follows:


    New Build

Airborne Sound Reduction DnTw,w+C;tr

43dB or greater

45dB or greater

Impact Sound Level LnTw

64dB or less

62dB or less


To comply with the requirements of the  Approved Document E 2003, R10 sound insulated separating floors have been tested in accordance with BSEN ISO 717-1997 and BSEN ISO 717:1997.   Substituting the 25mm mineral wool floating layer normally specified with a more stable and efficient recycled rubber resilient layer.   10mm thick sound absorbing Acousticel R10 nominal weight 3kg/m is installed onto timber suspended floors as detailed above.  Note: Existing or new square edged timber floors should be overlaid with our SBM5 before installing the R10The ceiling should be supported with our 16mm deep Resilient Bars.

With a floating layer of  19mm thick QUIETBOARD cement impregnated t&g chipboard -placed on top of the R10 acoustic insulation as shown above,  the following site test result was recorded:

Airborne  DnT,w+Ctr       48dB      

Impact  LnTw                   61dB



With R10 and QuietBoard installed on top of a base floor of QuietBoard, the following site test result was recorded:

Airborne  DnT,w+Ctr       55dB      

Impact  LnTw                   55dB



NOTE!  Size and spacings of the timber joists will affect the overall sound insulating performance.  If the joists differ from those on the floor that was tested, please contact us for further advice.

NOTE:  Failure to follow the Application Instructions to the letter may result in a failed test!


Provided the total mass of the entire floor from ceiling to finished floor level is equal to 350kg/m2, the finished structure should be found to comply with the requirements of the Approved Document E 2003 for airborne sound insulation.  A concrete floor with concrete screed isolated from the floor with our R10 as detailed in the drawing below gave exceptional results as can be seen from the results printed beneath.

fully soundproofed concrete separating floor using R10

Site testing of the above described construction gave the following results:

 Airborne  DnT,w+Ctr            52dB    

 Impact  Ln,w                          59dB    

With Oak flooring installed on a thin underlay the impact insulation results were as follows:

 Airborne  DnT,w+Ctr            52dB    

 Impact  Ln,w                          48dB    


This performance would be further enhanced if a floating layer of  65mm sand cement screed is installed instead of the timber floor.

All of the previously described constructions meet the new separating floor sound insulation requirements for both airborne and impact noise.  

Key Benefits
Environmentally friendly - produced from recycled vehicle tyres
Reduced  increase in floor height
Only 10mm thick so less of an increase in finished floor height
Very stable and more efficient than a mineral wool alternative

Easy to install with no specialist knowledge required - simply follow the easy to read  instructions by clicking on the link below

Always available from stock and free delivered all over the country on a 3 day service
Free telephone advice always available during our normal business hours

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