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G8 Resilient insulation to reduce impact noise through concrete floors


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G8 is an exciting new improved version of our recycled rubber resilient insulation designed specifically to isolate screeds to reduce impact noise through separating floors.  This unique resilient sound insulation gives superior impact noise reduction and is suitable for inclusion in most concrete floor constructions to help comply with Part E.


Resilient Insulation for Concrete Floors


concrete floor sound insulation concreed screed G8 resilient sound insulation


This latest recycled rubber sound absorbing mat is engineered to give maximum reduction of impact noise through concrete floors.  Independently tested, this sound insulation has been proved to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements for soundproofing separating floors as detailed in the Approved Document E and a typical installation is as shown in the illustration below.

recycled rubber insulating layer isolating a concrete screed


Impact reducing sound insulation, supplied in rolls composed of granulated extra resilient EPDM rubber bonded to a tough, non-woven waterproof backing.  G8 is a specifically formulated resilient insulation designed to specifically comply with the requirements of the Approved Document E.  In particular with regard to the following:


Maximum dynamic stiffness - Minimum thickness under loading

Weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level (∆Lw) of not less than 29dB


Impact reducing sound insulation for separating floors.  Designed for use beneath sand/cement screeds on concrete floors.



Physical Characteristics

Nominal thickness:



Relative density (without backing):

Backing superficial mass:

Overall superficial mass:




nom. 8mm

nom. 5m

nom. 1m

370kg/m3 +/- 10%


3.05kg/m2 +/- 10%












Technical Characteristics

Dynamic stiffness

Impact sound pressure level

Impact sound reduction improvement



EN 29052/1

EN ISO 717/2, 140/8

EN ISO 717/2, 140/8



s' = 12 +/- 1 MN/m3

Lnw = 46dB

∆Lw = 29dB


Physical and Chemical properties

Temperature resistance

Thermal conductivity coefficient

Chemically neutral








-20oC +80oC

0,113 W/moC



Packing & Storing

Pallet dimension

Number of rolls per pallet




1.05 x 1.05m


Each pallet is wrapped in polythene pallet wrap.  Although the wrapping is waterproof, inside storage is recommended to reduce the possibility of water ingress through the joints of the packaging.


installation Instructions

The rolls should be laid parallel to each other with the joints overlapped by 4cm.  The rubber should be underneath with the backing fabric on top.

The insulation must be lapped up the walls by approximately 20cm to contain the screed.  Any surplus can be trimmed down to finished floor level once the screed has cured.  See link to Application Instructions below.


Health and Safety

This is not a dangerous material and so is not subject to the European directive 67/648/CEE.

This product does not contain any hazardous component such as formaldehyde, carbide fluorine, mercury or any other similar elements and does not generate toxic fumes or smoke.




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