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Woodsorption Technical Data


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Woodsorption standard acoustic panels meet BS476 Class 3 fire rating. If special fire treatment is required, the real wood veneered panels can be treated with proprietary intumescent varnish so upgrading the panels to Class 1 or Class 0 surface spread of flame rating.  Please contact our technical department for further information and to ensure the correct specification can be supplied for your requirements.



Woodsorption slotted and perforated veneered sound absorbing panels

Nominal panel weight:  10kg/m2


Length (mm)     Width (mm)

       2400           197/293/581             For overhead ceiling applications, 293mm width panels are recommended

       1200           197/293/581             for ease of handling and fixing.

         800           197/293/581             Tolerances +/- 3mm

         600           197/293/581             Other sizes are made to order on request


Woodsorption panels are easy to maintain.  The panels can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners which are suitable for wood veneers.


There are two standard finishes for Woodsorption.  One face pattern is made up of a series of slats and the other pattern is a series of perforated round holes.  Other face patterns may be produced upon request.  Each panel has a machined tongue down one long edge and a machined groove down the other long edge.  Each end is square edged and unjointed.


Slatted Panels

These have longitudinal grooves, 3mm wide and machined along the length of each panel.  The machined slots are in two versions:

Version A  has slots machined every 32mm resulting ineach slat being 29mm wide

Version B  slots machined every 16mm making every slat 13mm wide.

Round Holed Panels

These have circular holes machined over the face of the panel.

These round holed panelsare available in two versions:

Version C  has 6mm diameter holes

Version D  has 3mm diameter holes

The centre-to-distance between the holes is 16mm


Woodsorption is an ideal sound absorbing panel with qualities which are pleasing to both the ear as well as the eye.

Woodsorption is also one of the most advanced and efficient sound absorbing products available today for reducing reverberant noise levels in many environments.  Panels are normally fixed onto 50mm battens.


(Insulation tested below is 50mm thick, 50kg/m3 density.  A small difference of +/- 10kg/m3 will not make any difference to the overall sound absorption).


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