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WOODSORPTION is a natural wood product and therefore, when acoustic panels are stored in places where they will not be used for immediate installation, they must be sealed in an airtight and moisture proof condition at room temperature.  This is because wood based materials are susceptible to moisture.

WOODSORPTION panels are installation friendly.  They are produced with one long edge which has a machined tongue and the other long edge has a machined groove.  The panels are fitted by mating the tongue edged to the grooved edgeresulting in a seamless run of panelling.

The installation of acoustic panels should be carried out in a sequence from left to right from upside to downside.  The panels are cut to fit on site.  Traditional woodworking tools are suitable for cutting the panels.  If panels are cut using a fine tooth table saw, the panels should be cut face up to avoid scratching and at a slower speed to avoid tear-out or chipping.

A black acoustic fleece is laminated to the rear face of the panels.  It is recommended to paint the backgrounds at the points where the panels join to avoid any potential light variations.

The panels are fixed using nails, staples or screws via the tongue and groove joint onto pre-installed timber battens (normally 50 x 50mm) on the walls.  The timber battens should be spaced no more than 300mm apart.

We recommend a test installation to be carried out to ensure that everything is satisfactory before proceeding with the full installation.

Panels should only be handled wearing clean, lightweight white gloves during installation to avoid soiling the panels.



A.  General

1.   All WOODSORPTION panels are should be installed in   accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.


2.   All necessary hardware and accessories for a complete job installation are to be furnished by the contractor.


3.   Installation of panels should not begin until all wet work such as plastering, concrete etc. is completely dry.  The panels are designed for storage and installation under standard occupancy conditions from 100C to 200C and no more than 75% R.H in an enclosed building.


4.   4.   The contractor shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance of all surfaces and conditions prior to the acoustical panel installation.


5.   The panels should be acclimatised to the room where they are to be installed for 48 hours prior as they are natural wood products and therefore, susceptible to moisture.


B.   Product

1.   Install WOODSORPTION panels using nails, staples or screws into pre-fixed timber battens fixed at a minimum 300mm distance between each other.


C.   Supplier

1.   WOODSORPTION panel systems are supplied by:

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd. 55 West End, Witney, OX28 1NJ

Tel: 08707 203 093  Fax: 01993 779569

Woodsorption veneered acoustic wooden panels being installed



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