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Acoustic Door Installation Guide


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Acoustic doorsets are installed in a similar manner as normal

timber doors.  Doorsets are supplied at a moisture content of 6-12%

and should not be brought on site until conditions are suitable.  Wet

trades should be complete and the building dried out and brought to

normal working room temperature.  DO NOT build-in or install

frames as first fixings.

1.  Check the sizes of the doors, the frames and the openings prior

to starting installation.  Only skilled tradesmen should undertake

installation as correct fitting of door/frame is essential.

2.  Frames should be fitted to the supporting structure using steel

fixings at 500mm maximum centres and starting no less than

100mm from the base and head.  The fixings should be appropriate

for the supporting construction and sink into it by a minimum depth

of 50mm.  It is recommended that fixings should be staggered down

each jamb with one fixing behind each hinge and the others behind

the stops.  Doorsets should have gaps of up to 5mm between the

frame and the supporting construction stuffed with mineral wool and

fully filled to a depth of 30mm on both faces with a suitable mastic.

3.  The weight of acoustic doorsets are heavier than would normally

be handled by one person.  All doors should be handled by at least

3 people.  All doors should be stacked on a flat level surface with a

minimum of 3 equally spaced bearers.  Doors must not be double

stacked on top of each other.

4.  Decorative veneered doorsets should be protected from strong

light in order to prevent discolouration.  Full installation instructions

are supplied with each doorset delivery. 


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   A.  General

   1.   All acoustic doorsets should be installed in accordance with

        manufacturer's instructions.

   2.  All necessary hardware and accessories for a complete job

        installation are to be furnished by the contractor.

   3.  Installation of the doorsets should not begin until all wet work,

        such as plastering, concrete etc. is completely dry.  The  

        acoustic doors are designed for storage, installation and use

        under standard occupancy conditions from 10oC to 20oC and

        not more than 75% relative humidity in an enclosed building.

   4.  The contractor shall be responsible for the examination and

        acceptance of all surfaces and conditions prior to the doorsets


   B.  Product

   1.  The following information will be required when ordering our

        acoustic doors:

        External overall door frame size:   height x width in mm.

        Acoustic rating: 35dB, 41dB or 44dB

        Finish:  See veneer choice

        Vision panel (if required) to be:  300 x 300mm or 150 x 700mm

        Door handing:  See top of page


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