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A10 Technical Details


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Nominal Weight




Static Loading

Thickness Loss


BS.4939 Retained Factor      79.55%

Dynamic Loading

Thickness Loss


Compression Before Dynamic Loading


BS.4098/BS.5808 After Dynamic Loading      124J/m2
Retained Loading      72%

Tensile Strength



Strength 170N


Elongation at 40N


Resistance to Cracking No cracks visible
BS.4790 Hot Nut Low Radius
Methenamine Pill ASTM D2859-76  Pass
ISO Method BS.6307 Char Length     16mm
Flame Retardency BS.4790:1987 Pass
Acousticel A10 conforms to flame retardency test BS4790: 1987
Thermal Conductivity
BS.4745 Resistance Factor     2.9 togs
Impact Sound Improvement Index
ISO Method 140 part 8     Delta Lw.34Db
Acousticel A10 meets the regulatory standards for impact insulation when glued to a concrete floor.  The tested sample meets the minimum performance requirements of BS5808: 1991 (1996) 

Classification: Heavy Contract/Heavy Domestic BS.5808

Fitting should meet the British standard code of practice BS.5325 and be undertaken by experienced carpet fitters and should be laid rubber to the floor surface.  Subfloors should be dry, clean and free of oil, grease and damp.


The contractor shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance of all conditions and project suitability prior to the installation.



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